Anna Dean

Author of the Dido Kent mysteries

chawton 030d

A Tale of Midwinter

           My dear matter-of-fact Kate is delighted with the notion of there being healing waters at Monkswood, wrote Dido later that night. She has travelled with her mother to almost every spa in Britain and knows how eager sick folk are to find cures. She is of the opinion that, properly managed, Lady Olwen's well may indeed restore the fortunes of the Carews.

But her brother is disappointed. I believe he has cherished a little boy's dream of buried gold and jewels all his life and resents my having stolen from him the hope of getting rich without any exertion. 'By God!' says he, 'Trust a woman to spoil everything with her meddling', as if, by revealing the truth, I am somehow responsible for its unsatisfactory nature.

           However, I find I do not much care about his opinion…


           Dido stopped writing and looked across at the tapestry with a friendly smile. Tomorrow she would return to the sheep-pasture. She wished to thank the Lady Olwen in person for revealing to her the truth about Monkswood – and about her own heart.