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Anna Dean

Author of the Dido Kent mysteries

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Warning: Book Ends contain spoilers so please don't look at the notes of a novel you are planning to read.


These are brief notes that may be of interest to readers who have finished a book. Notes about influences and references – particularly references to the life and work of Jane Austen and her contemporaries.

US Editions


Please note that A Moment of Silence is published in the US under the title Bellfield Hall.


I hope this is not too confusing. The editions are the same - except for one small change. In the US version the name of Sir Edgar Montague's house has been changed from Belsfield Hall to Bellfield Hall. It was felt this was easier for American readers to pronounce.

A Moment of Silence cover
A Woman of Consequence cover
A Gentleman of Fortune cover
Bellfield Hall cover
A Gentleman of Fortune cover (US)
APOC cover
AWoC cover (US)
APoC cover (US)
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